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City of Espoo

The City of Espoo offers its new employees a great start and a comprehensive induction with the help of our Systam Pass service. The service is easy to use and provides simultaneous documentation on completed inductions, enabling a modern and reliable way of onboarding and making the work of managers easier. In addition to being able to provide a well-functioning product, we have also been happy to receive praise for a job well done with our customer-friendly project.

Easily maintained induction content

Automatic sending of material to new employees

Great support for managerial work

Reliable tracking and documentation of completed inductions

Documented inductions made easy

Espoo offers its personnel an encouraging work environment with excellent possibilities for working and growing as an employee. A positive onboarding ensures the best possible start for new staff members. Previously, the induction training of new employees was carried out using an induction guide in PDF format, but the city wanted to bring their service into the 2020s and introduce a process that allowed mobile use.

The Systam Pass service offered a cost-efficient option for onboarding. Its easy and fast implementation was also seen as a great benefit. Pass sends invitations, takes care of trainings and documents the completed inductions regardless of device, time or place. A link to a new employee’s initial induction material is now automatically sent to all new Espoo employees in connection with their acceptance notifications.

“All our general information on employment, as well as our values and strategies, now reach every new employee without our managers having to send this information along with separate induction and training processes.“

Laura Similä

Head of HR Services, City of Espoo

The Pass service has received praise from Espoo for its modern and structured look, and for its ease of use. Content editing can be done using a simple editor, and everything functions both on mobile devices as well as on other screens. Reliable documentation and acknowledgement of completed inductions have been considered especially important elements – an authentication for approved inductions.

Systam as a partner

The successful outcome is a result of the efforts of both parties. Joint meetings have been efficient and personnel at the City of Espoo have had genuine trust in everything being taken care of within the agreed schedule. That is why they are also recommending Systam and the Pass service to others.

“We have been extremely satisfied with the project. As a customer, the introduction of the new system has been fast and effortless. Whenever we have needed assistance, our requests have received quick responses. Thank you for a well implemented project that truly takes the customer into consideration!”

City of Espoo is home to more than 290,000 inhabitants, and we employ nearly 14,000 people. As Finland’s second largest city, Espoo is a vibrant, growing, evolving and pleasant place to live. Espoo is a city that embraces many values and cultures. Diverse work communities that combine varying expertise and experience are a prerequisite for engaging with customers in Espoo. Employees that are able to work with positive spirit have the capacity to utilise their skills for the benefit of their city on a broad scale.


Our solutions for the City of Espoo

Systam Pass Digital Inductions
  • Used for providing onboarding to personnel.
  • Online service for creating induction content and monitoring induction performance.
  • Content can be freely created and modified by the customer using a simple editor.

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