Offices and business properties


Wolt headquarters uses the Systam Visit visitor management, enabling smooth reception of visitors to serve the needs of the growing company. The uniform system is in use as a comprehensive solution throughout the building by several companies; Wolt among them.

Visitor management solution covering an entire property

Self-service functions to assist the front desk

Automated management of host information

Automatic notifications for both the visitors and hosts

“Systam Visit in three words? Simple, easy, and Finnish. One of the greatest benefits of the solution for us is the automatic management of our team member data, in other words, the people who function as the hosts for visitors. Wolt hires new team members every week, which means that keeping information up to date manually would be quite a task. Our co-operation with Systam has been smooth and convenient, and we can recommend their services“


Wolt is a technology company that makes it incredibly easy to discover and get the best of local restaurants, grocery stores and other local shops delivered to your home or office. Wolt is in 23 countries. The Helsinki-based company was founded in 2014, employs over 4,000 people, and is led by its Co-Founder and CEO Miki Kuusi.


Our solutions at Wolt

Visitor management

  • Online tool for management and tracking of visitor traffic
  • Systam Respa X self-service kiosk with an integrated QR code reader and visitor card printer
  • AD integration for automated management of host information
  • Automatic notifications for both the visitor and the host

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