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Hi there, we are Systam, your expert in digital visitor management and inductions and more functional work environments. Our solutions improve safety, enable great experiences and reduce the fuss that nobody needs. So take it easy and let us help – as a full-service partner.

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400+ individual projects and happy customers since 2006

Your global partner

We are where you are. From one point, manage services in your different locations around the world.

Systam Visit Visitor Management

Give your visitors the optimal experience, safely and effectively

Make a first impression that lasts! Connect visitor management seamlessly with your operations and ensure that you are able to look after your guests and staff safely. Systam Visit is Finland’s leading visitor-management system which is suited for receiving occasional visitors, but also has the capability to handle thousands of daily visitors, either as a self service or together with your front desk.

Systam Pass Digital Inductions

Induct anyone at any time, easily and digitally, with documented performances

Provide training, guidance and bulletins, so that they reach the right people at any location at any time – and also leave a trace when completed. Our services enables pre-prepared content, completion from any location at any time, as well as reliable documentation of completed inductions.

Systam Workplace Smart Solutions

Optimize your work environment and improve the experience and efficiency of work

Let your imagination fly! We are a full-service company offering exceptional flexibility and options for integration. Enhance the efficiency and flexibility of your work environment with smart solutions, such as desk- and room bookings, door displays, catering orders or digital signage. They can be utilised for constructing your unique path towards improved efficiency!

A full service partner

Our operations are based on lasting customer relationships where we produce value in every step of our shared path, from design to implementation, support and development. We will be your partner; and we mean just that.


Industrial sites, Offices and business properties


“Selection of a system was easy, as only Systam Visit fulfilled the needs we presented.”

Esko Koho

Real Estate Manager, Neste Oyj

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