Smart Office and hybrid work

Smart Office – Optimize your work environment with smart solutions

The Smart Office is a work environment where technology enables work to be done faster, smoother and more flexibly, without forgetting security and sustainability. Hybrid work is a relatively new concept, which in most cases refers to a way of organizing work that combines remote working and in-office work. Smart office solutions also enable hybrid work to be done in a whole new way, taking into account the needs of the employer and employees – with safety on mind.

The prerequisites for flexible working and work environments are operating methods and the technologies to enable them. Our Systam Workplace service completes the efficiency and flexibility of your work environment with smart solutions, such as desk and room bookings, meeting room displays, catering orders or info screens.

Integratability is at the centre of our activities as it allows the best solutions from various sectors to be combined as the best possible whole.

Hybridityö vaatii uusia ratkaisuja Smart Office -ympäristöön niin tehokkuuden, turvallisuuden kuin työntekijäkokemuksen näkökulmasta.

Manage visits and integrate them seamlessly with your business

Inviting visitors, booking facilities, selecting catering options and receiving the required information in an easy and timely manner. What else do you think your path could include? Visitor management can cover the access and movement of visitors and contractors as well as other service providers on a property.

Our flexible and integratable service gives you the possibility of combining visitor management seamlessly with other activities on your property, such as parking, desk and room bookings, catering orders, access control and digital communications.

A safe return to the workplace

Hybrid working, in other words, alternating between working at the workplace and remotely, is here to stay. The aim is to enable the flexible use of office spaces and movement of people from the viewpoint of efficiency, safety and employee experience. There are a variety of solutions to use for influencing these areas. For example, desk booking is a useful tool if you want to give up using designated work stations, or when you want to make sure that an employee will have a desk when they arrive at the office. By staggering the presence of employees at the office, it is also possible to avoid large crowds being at work at the same time and to actively monitor the number of employees. Read more on desk bookings at our Systam Workplace service.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, different types of questionnaires, screening and ways of managing external visitor traffic have also become a part of the tool kit in a safe work environment.