We have solved various needs in small locations as well as in Finland’s largest companies, business parks, industrial sites and public service facilities. Find out how we can help you in your environment.

What kind of environment are you looking for a solution for?

Hybridityö vaatii uusia ratkaisuja Smart Office -ympäristöön niin tehokkuuden, turvallisuuden kuin työntekijäkokemuksen näkökulmasta.

Offices and business properties

Manage visits, increase security and make working efficient and flexible.

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Business Parks

Centralised business premises of several companies come to benefit of the solutions that support smooth work activities.

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Multi-tenant buildings

Unified management of visitor traffic enables company-specific settings for the tenants’ individual needs.

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Industrial and constructions sites

Ensure safe traffic for visitors, contractors, drivers or other service providers.

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Public sector

Enable smooth service for agencies, institutions or service points and benefit from digital onboarding.

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Provide easy registration and guidance for visitors and easily train staff.

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