About us

Hi there, we are Systam, a Finnish software company improving the everyday life of work environments since 2006. We are your experts in smart solutions that enhance work experiences and efficiency.


founded Tampere-based software company


team built on unique personalities and a common goal


showrooms, three of them in our locations in Finland

100 %

in-house development and support


individual projects and happy customers

95 %

of our customers are still on the same path with us

Mission and vision

What we do and why?

Our mission is to improve the daily life of workplaces. Our solutions automate routines, remove stress, and create better experiences. That means less of the usual fuss and more happy people.

Our Holy Grail is to create value, that our customers can’t imagine living without. We want to be the world’s number one choice in transforming the workplace’s necessary evils into assets. And to make ourselves irreplaceable.


How do we do it?

  • We produce seamless and individual solutions.
  • We form long-lasting customer relationships that continue to grow.
  • We always aim for those shared star moments.
  • We are an expert in our own solutions and act as an active participant in an extensive network of smart office partners.
  • We follow our values and continue to builda company where we want to work ourselves.

Our values


We trust ourselves, our teammates and the power of cooperation.


We dare to get excited, ask questions and challenge ourselves.


We care about each other and the success of our customers.

Have you already met Neo?

Neo is our spirit animal. As a representative of its species, this clever squirrel helps solve puzzling nuts and find new paths to even better encounters. He doesn’t talk much, but as an agile fellow, he is a really nice addition to our team. Neo rushes to the scene when we are in need of wise words and a bit of a boost. Or just hops in to lighten the mood and grin at our bad jokes.

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