Is it you? We are always looking for new talent to grow with us.

Our team comprises of different people who share a desire to develop new things and experience success in their work. In addition to wonderful colleagues, we also offer flexible working hours and excellent induction to the work. We are constructing a company where we want to work ourselves.

You can send us an application at any time. We interview promising candidates regardless of job vacancies.

We are especially recruiting people for the following tasks:


Do you have strong competence in programming? You can be self-taught or educated in the area, as long as you understand the basics of team-based application development and are motivated to learn and invent.


If you like working with people, understand what good customer service means and have experience in IT-related work, you can be just the person we are looking for!


Does your strength lie in the development of customer relationships? Do you wish to reach top results for your customers and understand that your personal success comes from the success of your customer.


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Your future teammates

Eero from our support team is a sociable person and a team player who is inspired by technology, and who says that music has saved him from sports. The best things about Systam are the opportunities to learn new things, the relaxed atmosphere colleagues, as well as the way we are able to encounter and assist our customers.

Meet Eero

Rami is Systam’s Business Director who never takes his eyes off the ball. Literally. His work is motivated by the people around him and, of course, satisfied customers. At its best, he views sales as purely a way of helping customers.

Meet Rami

Our Junior Developer Kari Haavisto has landed his dream job in software development and enjoys creating something new. And if we are to believe what the man says; we will be hearing more of him on a totally different stage.

Meet Kari