Safety inductions

Verified safety inductions

Taking safety into consideration is extremely important for both those working in the workplace as well as those visiting. Systam Pass is a digital induction system that enables the availability of preprepared content that can be completed whenever and wherever, and also documented reliably. Safety training and inductions can also be completed before starting work or on site using a display terminal.

Integrated with our Systam Visit visitor management system, Pass enables visitors in a facility to receive the required training in advance or on site when they arrive.


Inductions for various work sites

The Finnish Occupational Safety and Health Act requires that employees are provided with sufficient guidance for their work, as well as information and instructions regarding any danger and hazard factors in the workplace, and guidelines on occupational safety related to the work and the workplace. These requirements are especially important on construction sites, for example.

With Systam Pass, safety instructions and other guidelines can be read through either before arrival or on site using a display terminal. Thorough induction planning and prepared materials that are always available form the foundation for succesful implementation. Verified and documented completion of inductions ensure that all parties are aware of their safety and responsibilities.

Transport drivers, security guards and other service providers

Documentation of a completed safety induction can be a prerequisite for access to specified facilities, for example, in the case of maintenance personnel or guards. Drivers can be required to present verification of their completed induction before they are allowed access to the goods transport or logistics areas. Systam Pass enables different methods of use and completion of inductions both using personal smart devices as well as display terminals located on site.

“Systam Visit and Pass have enabled enhanced safety and brought structure to our operations. “

Kai Stenvik

Global IS Manager, Pilkington Automotive Finland Oy

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