Data security and compliance

Gather information on your visitors – in a correct manner

No visitor should need to sign in on paper. Guest books and paper forms are susceptible to damage and misuse, and they do not fulfill the current GDPR requirements. This is why electronic management of visitor data is the only way of ensuring appropriate data protection.

With our Systam Visit service, you will have the required information available in real time, whenever it is needed. You will also be prepared for audits.

Digitaalinen perehdytys ohjeistaa ja tiedottaa, todennetusti.

Inductions and training – with a trace left when completed

Systam Pass is a digital induction system enabling the availability of preprepared content that can be completed whenever and wherever, and also documented reliably. It is a data secure method of offering inductions, training and bulletins, so that a trace is left behind to verify performance.

Systam Pass includes an easy-to-use online service for managing all induction content and performances, all from a single access point. Each completed induction and training is stored in the service as a document and also as data which can be used for generating various types of reports. The reports can be exported in Excel, CSV or PDF format.