Safety and data security

Know who is present on your premises

Electronic visitor management is the only way of knowing in detail who is moving about in your facilities. Especially in cases of emergency, it is essential to know the exact number of people and their information in real time.

Not only does the visitor management system provide comprehensive data on visits and visitors, it also allows the movements of an external visitor in the facility to be managed in a multitude of ways. A visitor card or the visitor’s phone can function as means of access to the facility. The host of the visitor can also assign access rights to a visitor or guide them to a specific elevator or floor in the building.

Processing of personal data in a data secure manner

When information is collected on visitors in a service, legislation obligates the collector of information to ensure that such data is not altered or disclosed to any unauthorised parties. The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) increased the responsibilities associated with the processing of information and access requests for information. The appropriate management of these obligations can only be ensured by using electronic storage of information.

Our customers own the data being stored in our system and manage the retention period of this data.

Our Systam Visit service is provided in Finland, by a Finnish ISO-certified access service provider. Our data security has been extensively audited by an independent operator (the most recent audit was conducted in August 2020 by Silverskin).

Be prepared for audits

We will assist you in fulfilling your auditing requirements. When you are using electronic visitor management, the storage of data is safe and all the required information is available in real time whenever it is needed. Our service takes the GDPR and other requirements into consideration.