Systam Visit -digitaalinen vierailijahallinta on kattava kokonaisratkaisu yrityksen vierailijaliikenteen hallintaan, johon kuuluu myös mobiililaitteeseen saatava vierailijakortti.

Well-planned and smooth visitor management reduces unnecessary contacts

The responsibility for the safety of both visitors and your staff is a weighty reason to implement electronic visitor management which allows visits to be managed safely and effectively while offering the best possible visitor experience.

In our Systam Visit system, inviting a visitor initiates a visit path where both the visitor and the host can benefit from various automatic functions, such as pre-arrival messages, touchless sign-in and automatic notifications. This creates time savings, minimises rush and reduces unnecessary traffic in the facility. A pre-announced visit will also make transactions quicker with any front-desk personnel, and will thus reduce the exposure risks.

Visitor screening and preliminary questionnaires

In order to ensure the safety of your visitors and staff, it may be necessary to provide instructions and determine conditions for the visits already before the visitors arrive. Our Systam Pass service is a versatile tool for creating questionnaires and inductions. It provides the possibility to communicate any visit conditions and also have the conditions approved – primarily already before the arrival of a visitor.

A safe work environment with smart solutions

In addition to managing external visitor traffic, many companies need to implement solutions, such as desk bookings, that support the safety and hybrid work model of their staff. We are an active part in a large group of smart-office operators. Seamless integratability with other activities and solutions on the property has a key role in constructing a well-functioning smart office.