Systam Workplace Smart Solutions

Optimize your work environment and improve the experience and efficiency of work.

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Enhanced efficiency and flexibility

A smart office is not somewhere in the future; it’s already here today. Its key elements are the integrations for combining top technologies from various fields to create a seamless whole for improving the experience and efficiency of work.

Our Systam Workplace services complete the efficiency and flexibility of your work environment with smart solutions, such as bookings for work stations and rooms, display screens at doors, catering orders or info displays. Combine the functions as part of your visitor management to also allow your customers and visitors to share in the improved experience.

Room bookings and catering orders

Facilities and business parks where various companies share spaces rarely make do with just using the facility resources offered by Office 365 and Google – especially, if you want to include catering orders, more comprehensive reporting and functions for leasing rooms for external operators.

We offer a high-quality and extensive system tailored to your needs for integration with our Systam Visit system.

Desk bookings

Flexible work and optimal use of facilities requires easy ways of staying on top of the real-time availability of work stations, and enables their smooth booking. You might be experiencing that the Office 365 environment or the free Google workplace functions may not be enough for your needs, or perhaps you are hoping to integrate them as part of the other smart solutions in the facility? If you want to expand the management of work station booking or to visualise the bookings on a map, this can be integrated as part of a wider management system.

Feel free to ask us how to utilise work station bookings as part of a smart facility.

Digital Signage

Info displays are a modern and practical way of offering insightful and correctly-timed services. They instruct, inform, enhance corporate image and provide experiences.

Through us, you can also acquire premium digital signage solutions to complete your visitor management system. It is very likely that our Systam Visit system can also be integrated with your existing info display solution.

A full-service partner

We are a full-service company offering exceptional flexibility and options for integration. They can be utilised for constructing your journey towards improved efficiency! Our operations are based on lasting customer relationships where we produce value in every step of our shared path, from design to implementation, support and development. We will continue to be at your service throughout our cooperation.

Comprehensive solutions to fit your company’s needs

Allow your imagination to soar! Our systems cover a wide variety of smart office solutions, and our services have been integrated with almost anything you can think of. Access control and parking solutions, to name a few. Whether your needs are small or large, we will create the package that fits your bill. Together we can find the best solution for your needs!