Online tool and reports

Manage all visit information from a single access point

Our visitor management services always include an easy and comprehensive tool for managing and tracking visitor traffic. From one point, manage services in your different locations around the world. The browser-based online system displays real-time data on visitors and allows you to manage your settings.

Access rights of varying levels can be enabled for different user groups, such as the real estate administration, security services or even the entire personnel with personal user identification.

An efficient tool for the front desk

The web-based system makes the work of front-desk personnel more efficient and provides an easy way of managing visitors and system settings. The system enables the signing in of arriving and departing visitors, conveying arrival notifications to the hosts, printing out visitor cards, monitoring of induction performance and exporting of reports.

You can complete the whole by adding different functions, such as separate printers, wireless QR readers, cameras or an NDA tablet function.



Extensive reports

Extensive statistics assist you in understanding how many visitors visit your facilities and when they visit you, and also the type of the visitors. This gives you the possibility, for example, to manage security procedures, plan front-desk resources more efficiently and optimise the loading of your facilities.

Reports in Excel, CSV or PDF format can be exported with just a few clicks.