Systam Pass Digital Inductions

Induct anyone at any time, easily and digitally, with documented performances.

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Inductions, instructions and bulletins – with a trace left when completed

There is an increased need for verified inductions and training to be completed remotely, independently at the workplace or on site in connection with a visit.

Systam Pass is a digital induction service that enables the availability of preprepared content that can be completed whenever and wherever, and also documented reliably. Pass can be used for sending invitations, taking care of training and documenting the completed inductions regardless of device, time or place.

Benefits of digital inductions

For organisations

Reliable and managed induction process that saves on costs

For personnel

New digital induction solution saves time and ensures peace of mind

For those participating in inductions

Digital inductions are easy to access, regardless of time or place

A full-service partner

Systam Pass is 100% developed by us – a Finnish service for providing inductions. Our operations are based on lasting customer relationships where we produce value in every step of our shared path, from design to implementation, support and development. Our professional team has created on-boarding and induction solutions since 2006, and 95% of our customers are still walking on the same path with us.

Everything you need for easy and smooth inductions

Quick creation of content

It only takes a few minutes to create materials. Use prepared material or generate new. Drag and drop images, videos and documents.

Standardised quality

The quality of inductions cannot be affected by fluctuations in the materials or the person providing the induction training.

Functions on all device types

Complete inductions at home or in the office, regardless of time or place – or device.

Documented performance

Monitor performance, verify that information has been understood by arranging test quizzes and export reports.

Prepared content, always ready

Uniform materials, outsourced
content creation and automated functions not only save time, but also bring peace of mind and safety to all parties involved.

Integrate with our Systam Visit service

Pass enables visitors in a facility to receive the required training in advance or on site when they arrive.

This is how digital inductions work


Create content

Create the desired content in the service and a possible test to take, and then mark who are required to go through the content. Creation and maintenance of the materials can also be outsourced to us.

Induction Step 1

Select those to be inducted

The service sends an individual link to a person’s email or a text message to their mobile phone.

Induction Step 2

The invited persons complete the induction

The persons go through the content and acknowledge the received training.


The completed induction is saved in the system

The service saves the information regarding a completed induction or training and creates a document accordingly.

Versatile application options for different types of needs

A temporary day care worker who needs to be provided with induction training and instructions in a compact form. A construction site visitor who is required to accept applicable safety instructions. An important bulletin that all employees should read. What all these situations have in common is that there is a need to pass on essential information to the right people.

Our flexible service enables versatile use for numerous different needs.

“All our general information on employment, as well as our values and strategies, now reach every new employee without our managers having to send this information along with separate induction and training processes.“

Laura Similä

Head of HR Services, City of Espoo

Easy and risk-free implementation – pricing based on actual use

Ready to try it out? We will be happy to help you in designing the use, implementing the system and creating the content. The criteria for the pricing of the service is actual use, not user numbers, for example. This means you will not end up paying for nothing, for example, during holiday seasons.

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