Calendars and basic use of the service

Manage visits directly from your own calendar

  • Add, edit or delete visits
  • We support MS Office 365, Gsuite and Apple -calendars
  • Outlook Add-In for adding visits directly with just the use of a single button
  • Integration with room booking resources.

Effortless operation can also be supported by many other features, such as data synchronization (AD integration) or SSO single sign-on.

Parking and parking enforcement

Access to parking areas and car parks:

  • The QR code in a visitor’s pre-arrival message can function as an access permit for closed parking areas.
  • A car registration number entered by the visitor themselves can be integrated in an external system for providing access permits based on registration plate reading.

Permits for parking enforcement officials:

  • A car registration number entered by the visitor when signing in can be integrated in an external operator’s parking enforcement system, which will ensure that the provided parking permit is automatically correct.
  • The registration number can also be stored in the system or conveyed by email, in which case information on parking is available if the customer enforces parking permits themselves.
  • A visitor’s pre-arrival message can also contain a parking permit for printing before the arrival or on the self-service kiosk.

Authentication and access control


  • The authentication of visitors can be performed in connection with their sign-in by use of a driver’s licence or passport, or with Office 365 authentication.

Access control:

  • Rule-based access control can enable passage through gates and doors using a visitor QR code or a separate link. This solution is often used alongside a primary access control system in use on the premises.
  • Our service can also be integrated with other systems, in which case access rights are determined for the visitors within the system in question.
  • Our participation in the KONE API Partner Ecosystem enables integration with KONE elevators. This makes it possible to control and summon elevators directly from our Systam Visit system.


Campus services

Services on the self-service kiosks:

  • Our taxi integration provides a an effortless way to summon a taxi to the visitor’s location, without a charge. Follow-up information is sent to the visitors own mobile phone.
  • The kiosk displays are suited for offering all types of web-based content. Enhance your visitor services by providing a link to, for example, the timetables of local transportation service providers or collect feedback from visitors by directing them to your survey questionnaire.
  • 2-way video call function enables opening a video connection, for example, with front-desk personnel or even directly to your mobile phone.

Other services:

  • Wi-Fi user IDs
  • Storage boxes

Room bookings and catering orders

The Systam Visit service can be integrated with the customer’s own room booking systems, making it easy to use and transfer data from one point.

The room booking information will be transferred to our system, which means that front-desk services, for example, will have the information on any room bookings made in connection with visits and visitors will receive the pre-arrival message.

Catering orders can also be placed directly in our online system.

Digital Signage

Info displays are a modern and practical way of offering insightful and correctly-timed services. They instruct, inform, enhance corporate image and provide experiences.

The Systam Visit service can be integrated with your existing info display solution. We support different systems.

In connection with visitor management, the info displays can, for example:

  • Convey internal information on visitors present at the facility
  • Offer visitors reactive additional information on their visit, such as welcome messages, guidance on how to get around on the premises or safety instructions
  • Provide a way for displaying warning bulletins automatically on all info displays in cases of emergency.

Systam Pass inductions

Our Systam Pass service provides the most effortless combination of visitor management and smooth inductions. When integrated into our visitor management system, Pass provides the required training and inductions for facility visitors either in advance or on site.

It can be used for sending invitations, taking care of training and documenting the completed inductions regardless of device, time or place.

Is there a function or solution you wish you would have?

Integrations are at the very core of our services. Our continuous development work creates new integration possibilities for the most diverse types of sites and facilities. Let us know what you need and we can talk more!