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Smooth visit management – safely and efficiently

Enable smooth service for agencies, institutions or service points – for diverse user groups. Systam Visit is Finland’s leading visitor-management system which is suited for receiving occasional visitors, but also has the capability to handle thousands of daily visitors, either as a self service or with assistance from front-desk personnel. In the public sector our service is easy to acquire via Kuntien Tiera Oy.

Systam Visit is provided in Finland, by a Finnish ISO-certified access service provider. The data protection of our systems has been extensively audited by an impartial agency (most recent audit in August 2020, Silverskin).

“Based on my experience, I can recommend the Systam Visit solution also for others who wish to improve visitor management and enhance customer experience.“

Ilari Huhtamäki

Product Manager, Senate Properties

Employee onboarding and internal communications

Providing onboarding and inductions for new employees, company personnel or summer workers has never been this easy and smooth. Systam Pass assists in providing digital inductions, training, guidance and bulletins so that they reach the correct people, wherever and whenever needed.

Prepared materials which are automatically sent make the process easier and require less managerial work. In busy situations, such as when temporary workers need to be brought up to speed quickly, a prepared induction is always available right away. A test can be used for ensuring that the temporary worker has familiarised any critical instructions and practices before starting their work.

The system is also excellent for making internal communication more efficient. The distribution of important information via a separate system draws attention to the matter; and requiring the person to acknowledge the receipt of information will ensure that employees have understood the provided information.

“All our general information on employment, as well as our values and strategies, now reach every new employee without our managers having to send this information along with separate induction and training processes.“

Laura Similä

Head of HR Services, City of Espoo

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