Business Parks

Uniform visitor management covering the entire property

Centralised business premises of several companies come to benefit of the solutions that support smooth work activities, covering the entire extent of the property. Systam Visit is a cloud-based solution that offers uniform visitor management in a single service for companies operating on the same property, but by also offering company-specific settings at the same time.

Visitor management can cover the access and movement of visitors and contractors as well as other service providers on a property.

Digitaalinen perehdytys ohjeistaa ja tiedottaa, todennetusti.

Terms of visits, safety questionnaires and inductions – in an easy and verifiable manner

Instruct your arriving visitors, ensure completion of safety inductions and provide information to your personnel. Our Pass system adapts to numerous different uses where essential information must reach the correct people – in a verified manner.

Systam Pass is a digital induction system enabling the availability of preprepared content that can be completed whenever and wherever needed, and also documented reliably. The Pass system can be used for sending invitations, providing training and documenting the completed inductions regardless of device, time or place.

Complement your work environment with smart solutions

Our Systam Workplace service complements the efficiency and flexibility of your work environment with intelligent solutions such as desk and room bookings, meeting room displays, catering orders or information displays. Let your imagination fly! We are a full service house with exceptional flexibility and integration opportunities.

“A well working system! With the help of Systam Visit we have managed to take control of the whole property. Systam is our partner, not just a system vendor. I recommend their solutions to others as well.“

Heikki Niemi

Real Estate Manager, Ilmarinen, Kiinteistö Oy Lepakko

Modernize your property easily, effortlessly and with a satisfaction guarantee

We’ll help you create added value with smooth operation and also save costs. Together we can find the best solution for your needs!

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