Extend invitations and enable easy sign-in

Our Systam Visit service is also able to handle the management and tracking of larger groups of people in connection with various events. Individual invitations can be sent to the visitors before the event, and an easy sign-in is provided either by using the visitor’s phone or on site on a self-service kiosk. The visitor cards printed out on the terminals can be designed to contain the desired information. The cards can also function as access permits to the event areas.

Comprehensive visitor information enables real-time monitoring in cases of emergency, and also gives the option to contact the visitors after the event.

Train staff and instruct visitors

Systam Pass assists you in providing instructions and bulletins – with a trace left when completed. Pass is ideal for providing training and instructions and for briefing the event employees and personnel.

If participation in an event requires, for example, that the participant accepts safety guidelines or conditions for a visit, the requests for the required performances shall be conveyed to the invited visitors. Pass provides the option to review various contents regardless of time or place – or device.

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