Industrial and construction sites

Manage visitors, contractors and other traffic

Ensure safe traffic in different types of environments. Systam Visit is a comprehensive solution for managing your visitor traffic. It adapts to receiving occasional guests as well as thousands of daily visitors; either as self service or with assistance provided by the front-desk personnel. Whether it is a question of visitors on an industrial site or contractors and service providers moving about on a construction site, electronic visitor management will ensure the smooth welcoming of arriving guests and data-secure storage of data.

Verified safety inductions

Ensure safety on your property by providing appropriate safety inductions. Systam Pass is a digital induction system enabling the availability of preprepared content that can be completed whenever and wherever, and also documented reliably.

Inductions can be completed prior to arriving on the property or on site using a self-service kiosk. The acknowledgement of the provided safety instructions in a documented manner will ensure that information on safety and responsibilities is conveyed to all parties.

“We often hear from our guests that it is rare that things are as smooth as this. In addition, there is the safety viewpoint. When the visit starts off with a safety induction, it provides a strong message of the importance of occupational safety here at Euroports.“

Jarmo Kivi

Safety Manager, Euroports Rauma Oy

Take control of your visitor traffic and inductions

Whether your needs are small or large, we will create the package that fits your bill. Together we can find the best solution for your needs!

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