Applications for use

Employee onboarding

A comprehensive induction to work tasks in a standardised form will provide a good starting point and the prerequisites for starting in a new position. Prepared materials which are automatically sent make the process easier and require less managerial work. In busy situations, such as when temporary workers need to be brought up to speed quickly, a prepared induction is available right away. A test can be used for ensuring that the temporary worker has familiarised all critical instructions and practices before starting their work.

Safety training for construction sites and the industrial sector

Safety instructions and other guidelines can be read through either before arrival or on site using a display terminal. By requiring the person to acknowledge the safety instructions in a documented manner, information on safety and responsibilities are conveyed to all parties.

“When the visit starts off with a safety induction, it provides a strong message of the importance of occupational safety here at Euroports.“

Jarmo Kivi

Safety Manager, Euroports Rauma Oy

Company visitors

Do you have the need to require your visitors to acknowledge safety guidelines or conditions for a visit? Companies and properties can integrate surveys and inductions into their visitor management processes, which will allow for an automatic and verified manner in receiving visitors and providing inductions.

Systam Pass together with our Systam Visit visitor management system enables smooth visits and completion of inductions either in advance or on site.

Internal communications

Do not let your message get lost in an email flood. The distribution of important information via a separate system draws attention to the matter; and requiring the person to acknowledge the receipt of information will ensure that employees have understood the provided information.

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