Automated visitor management system

Systam Respa -itsepalvelupääte tekee yrityksen vieraiden kirjautumisesta sujuvaa.

Ensure an impressive reception 24/7

Our Systam Visit automated visitor management system is a service, that will assist you in automating your company’s entire visitor paths from invitations to access control.

A self-service kiosk placed in a visible location in the arrival lobby along with clear instructions will guide visitors through the arrival procedure whenever needed – with minimal costs. We will provide you with elegant, Finnish-made kiosks that greet your visitors with a video guidance feature and multiple language options.

Automatic notifications on every step of the visitor path

Invite your guest and let us take care of the rest! Automatic notifications on every step of the visitor path will make the visit a smooth experience for all parties involved.

The automatic pre-arrival message sent to the visitor along with related instructions will ensure a smooth arrival. The QR code included in the message enables signing in on the self-service kiosk in just a matter of seconds. The visitor can also be provided with a link for signing in on their own smart device when arriving on your premises.

Automated visitor management system will send the host a notification on the arrival of a visitor via the pre-selected channels. The notification also provides the option to send a response to the visitor or to provide access rights in real time.

A signing-off message gives a nice final polish to the visit by thanking the visitor, and gives you the option to request feedback or to deliver marketing material after the visit.

“At Fastems, Systam Visit is a very useful and widely used system. The system notifies you in real time when a guest arrives at our premises. The arrival notification is accompanied by a picture of the guest, which makes it easier to identify the guest in the reception hall.“

Janne Kivinen

Chief Information Officer, Fastems Oy Ab

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