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Systam Visit visitor management is a comprehensive solution for managing visitor traffic, which also includes a visitor card available on a mobile device.

Visitor management made easy and smooth to meet your needs

Systam Visit is a comprehensive solution for managing your visitor traffic. Our adaptable system is suited for receiving occasional visitors, but it also has the capability to handle thousands of daily visitors, either as a self service or with assistance from front-desk personnel. Whether your needs are small or large, our services will allow your visitor management to be seamlessly integrated with your business operations and give a good first impression that will last.


For visitor

An improved visitor experience with instructions for arrival and quick sign-in

For personnel

An easy and effortless method for inviting visitors and ensuring a positive first impression

For organisation

A safer way of operating with smaller costs.

A full-service partner

Systam Visit is 100% self-developed, and a leading Finnish visitor-management system. Our operations are based on lasting customer relationships where we produce value in every step of our shared path, from design to implementation, support and development. Our expert team has in-depth knowledge and experience on delivering visitor-management services for more than 400 organisations, of which 98% still continue to walk on the same path with us.

Systam Visit visitor management is in use for example at Kesko K-Kampus.

“The cooperation from design to delivery went smoothly and customer-oriented. Our visitors, lobby service and staff are satisfied with Systam’s service and we are happy to recommend Systam’s excellent service to others as well.“

Hanna Laavainen

Head of Workplace Services, Kesko

A ready-made solution for different environments and needs

Read more on how our Systam Visit system adapts to different types of applications and environments. We have found solutions for small operators as well as for Finland’s largest companies, agencies, business hotels and industrial facilities.

Everything you need for smooth visitor management

Easy invitations using the calendar

Invite visitors directly from your calendar or by using the room booking system. We support a variety of platforms

Pre-arrival messages and mobile sign-in

Arrival instructions, parking, access routes and QR quick codes for easy arrival and sign-in.

Multilingual reception as self service 24/7

The elegant self-service kiosks are made in Finland, and offer video guidance and several language options.

Visitor card

Visitor cards with the holder’s photo provide a unique corporate visual identity, and the cards also function as an element in access control.

Automatic notifications

A notification on the arrival of the visitor. Messages can be received via various channels. Respond to the visitor or enable real-time access rights.

Inductions and signing of documents

Performing inductions associated with visits and accepting visit conditions or an NDA is easily done before the visit.

Visitors, contractors and service providers

Manage the visits of various groups on your premises, and ensure that required safety guidelines are provided.

Online tool and reports

Monitor visitor information in real time. Export comprehensive reports, meet GDPR requirements and be prepared for audits.

Systam Respa self-service kiosk makes it easy for visitors to sign in.

Elegant options for self-service

The top quality Systam Respa self-service kiosks are designed and manufactured in Finland, and enable the self-service sign-in of both invited visitors as well as walk-in guests. Make your entire visit path automatic or support the work of front-desk personnel. The self-service kiosk terminals represent the unique visual identity of the company, and reflect your brand image.

We also offer all the required supplies, such as visitor cards, card holders, separate printers or readers. We deliver all supplies from our own warehouse within one business day.


Connect digital visitor management seamlessly to your smart work environment

We are an active player in a wide network of smart office operators. Our services are flexible and allow visitor management to be seamlessly integrated with your smart office and property’s operations, such as parking, room and desk bookings, orders for beverages, access control and digital communication.

We are a KONE API Ecosystem Partner

Integrating our Systam Visit visitor management service with KONE ensures a smoother visitor experience with automation and control.Take advantage of the smart features of KONE elevators, turnstiles and doors.

  • Ensure the best possible user experience in and in between buildings and make a first impression that lasts.

Cost-efficient solution to respond to your needs

Whether your needs are small or large, we will create the package that fits your bill. As all environments are different, our pricing is based on actual use and the scope of the service. Together we can find the best solution for your needs! Our services are also available through a large network of partners.