Employee onboarding

Digitaalinen perehdytys ohjeistaa ja tiedottaa, todennetusti.

Digital onboarding of new employees

Comprehensive onboarding and induction to work tasks in a standardised form will provide a good starting point for taking on a new job. Digital inductions bring ease and peace of mind to this process. With all your material located in one place, updates are easy. Automatic delivery makes the process easier and saves working hours for the managers.

Familiarization with the job requires knowledge of the company’s working methods, tools and corporate culture. Coaching takes time, but with new digital solutions, onboarding has become easier, frees up time and opens up new opportunities for induction.

Systam Pass is a Finnish service for conducting digital inductions. The Pass system can be used for sending invitations, taking care of training and documenting the completed inductions regardless of device, time or place.

Temporary workers, summer workers and other external workforce

Onboarding and guidance are always very important. New employees employee need to quickly learn the ways of the house. In busy situations, such as when temporary workers need to be brought up to speed quickly, a prepared induction is always available right away. A test can be used for ensuring that the temporary worker has familiarised all critical instructions and practices before starting their work.

When the content and method of completion of inductions has been standardised, the quality of the service cannot be affected by fluctuations in the materials or the person providing the induction training.

“All our general information on employment, as well as our values and strategies, now reach every new employee without our managers having to send this information along with separate induction and training processes.“

Laura Similä

Head of HR Services, City of Espoo

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