Offices and business properties

Visitor management as a self service or together with the front desk

Systam Visit is a comprehensive solution for managing your visitor traffic. Our adaptive service is suited for receiving occasional guests as well as thousands of daily visitors; either as self service or with assistance provided by the front-desk personnel. The system allows you to manage the visits of various groups in your property and to ensure the data secure storage of information.

Whether your needs are small or large, our services will give you the chance to integrate visitor management with your operations seamlessly, and give a first impression that will last.

Inductions and instructions for visitors, service providers and personnel

Instruct your arriving visitors, ensure completion of safety inductions and provide information to your personnel. Systam Pass adapts to numerous different uses where essential information must reach the correct people – in a verified manner.

This is enabled by the availability of preprepared content that can be completed regardless of time and place, and documented reliably. The Pass system can be used for sending invitations, providing training and documenting the completed inductions regardless of device, time or place.

Supplement your work environment activities with smart solutions

Our Systam Workplace service completes the efficiency and flexibility of your work environment with smart solutions, such as desk and room bookings, meeting room displays, catering orders or info screens. Allow your imagination to soar! We are a full-service company offering exceptional flexibility and options for integration.

Give a first impression that lasts

First impressions are important! Before you even get a glimpse of your visitor, they have most likely had time to form an impression of your company or your organisation. A good first impression and an excellent visitor experience are created as a sum of small things; already even before the visit. With Systam Visit, you can cater to the entire visitor path from the pre-arrival message to an easy arrival, and the complete experience as a whole.


Systam Visit vierailijahallinta on käytössä mm. Keskolla.

“At K-Kampus, we want to offer a smooth and pleasant visitor experience. Systam’s visitor management system enables our visitors to sign in and move around smoootly in the building, taking into account the functions of our property and our individual needs. “

Hanna Laavainen

Head of Workplace Services, Kesko

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