33 NEW IN – SYSTAM RESPA X | Systam Oy - Parempi vierailukokemus turvallisemmin ja tehokkaammin


Even though smooth functions are the heart of our service, we do have an eye for design too. That's why we packed all the features of self-service into one device that is fun to use and look at.

Extensive functionality in a new beautiful package

Systam Respa X is a slim and modern self-service kiosk that handles both sign-in and sign-out with all the needed accessories.

The QR code is nice to use when it has its own separate shelf. Card holders can be placed to a space reserved for them and the kiosk also has a lockable return box for used visitor cards.

And it looks good, and is made in Finland!

Available now!

Come and have a look at our showrooms in Tampere and Vantaa.
Contact our sales at sales@systam.fi or +358104703601