Systam Visit

Published 31.3.2023

Updates in services

New features and improvements

  • For our customers who display active visitor information on e.g., info displays, it is now possible to modify the view with their own logo and background color. 

Bug fixes

  • There was a bug in the QR code of the visitor’s pre-arrival message, which prevented the visitor from checking and completing their own information. It is now fixed. 
  • In connection with calendar invites, the meeting room booking information was not saved correctly due to third-party interface changes. We modified the functionality and now the information is transferred correctly again. 
  • The mobile notification to a host of an arriving visitor did not always offer the possibility to mark the visitor as recognized (if the visitor recognition feature was enabled). We fixed the problem. 
  • The mobile button for opening a door delivered via the visitor’s pre-arrival message did not work correctly if the language selection was English. Now it works. 
  • Deleting visitor data from the system did not always work properly. We fixed the problem.