Systam Visit

Published 14.3.2024

Updates in services

New features and improvements

  • We have revamped the “Current visitors” view in the Systam Visit web service (RespaManager) for front desk (Officer) users. Previously separate fields (first name, last name, company, host) have now been combined into a more compact and easier-to-read format. The same view now also includes the often-requested license plate field, which shows whether the visitor has entered their license plate number or not. The license plate field is an optional view that can be easily activated by contacting our support at
  • The ParkkiPate parking integration now allows for the issuance of parking permits also through the Systam Visit web service (RespaManager). The web service also displays whether a permit has been made for each visitor.

Bug fixes

  • If a visitor was invited for consecutive days, the links in the advance text messages delivered to the phone number could erroneously lead to the information for the wrong day’s meeting. This has now been corrected, and the links will lead to the visits for the correct day.