Systam Visit

Published 29.6.2022

Updates in services

New features and improvements

  • Logging in to our web service is now also possible with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) single sign-on. No need to remember separate user ID’s, just one button for effortless logging in. However, because the button holds quite a lot of intricacies to identify access rights, the feature requires deployment with our support service. Ask more from our support at or +358 10 470 3603.
  • The number of characters in a visitor’s pre-arrival text message (SMS) has been increased from 70 to 120 characters. The message will be delivered to the visitor the day before the visit and contains the greeting of your choice and an automatically generated link to the actual pre-arrival message (arrival instructions and QR code). You can edit the content of the text message in the web service settings.
  • The usability and readability of the QR code in the visitor’s pre-arrival message has been improved.
  • Several miscellaneous improvements to general usability.

Bug fixes

  • Retrieving guest Wi-Fi information to visitor cards in some cases caused the cards not to print. If the information could not be retrieved correctly from the server, the card did not print. Because visitor cards are in our opinion more important than a free Wi-Fi, we fixed the situation so that the card will be printed without the Wi-Fi information.
  • Our customers who display active visitor information, for example on info screens, may have noticed that visitor information and pictures were a bit mixed up for a while. Not anymore.
  • When a visit was created on the web service, an email of the visit details could not be sent to the one creating the visit. The problem is now fixed.
  • Printing a large number of visitor cards from the web service occasionally caused printing to jam and stop printing. We’ve increased the printing performance so that even large groups can now be pre-prepared smoothly at once.