Systam Visit

Published 20.9.2023

Updates in services

New features and improvements

  • New Abloy OS integration connects visitor management to your Abloy OS system. It enables the transfer of visitor data, as well as possible performed inductions to be utilized in access control. The integration also makes it possible to require a Social Security number as a part of visitor data. Ask more from our support team at or +358 10 470 3603.
  • Improvements to KONE Access integration. If a visitor has an access card within KONE Access, the old card will be removed before assigning a new one.

Bug fixes

  • We sped up the host view in the Systam Visit web service because it was acting slow.
  • We fixed the problems that occurred when updating a visit. There were issues with not being able to change the host and losing already-signed visitors during the update. None of that should happen anymore.
  • The visit subject was left blank when creating a visit. We fixed it.