Meeting room displays

Systam Workplace – Meeting room displays

Are you using the Microsoft Office 365 environment? Our Systam Workplace meeting room display solution digitizes and modernizes the use of conference rooms and makes work seamless and efficient. The displays will be connected as part of the customer’s Office 365 environment, we will help with configuration!

Improve the use of your facilities

Forget about always looking for facilities that would be available for your meetings and events. Get more out of your meeting and conference rooms and maximize a smooth working environment with meeting room displays. Display screens by the doors will provide information on the room’s booking situation, on who is using the space and when, and gives you the option of making your reservation directly on the display. The displays also enable you to make reservations for other facilities linked to the service.

In addition to high-quality solutions, you get support, maintenance and development from us – with a satisfaction guarantee.

Easy and fast bookings

Use your own calendar

Connect to the Microsoft Office 365 environment and make room reservations with your own calendar

Book directly from the display

Ad-hoc bookings with one tap and editing of your own bookings

See available spaces at a glance

The color of the screen and the LED lights tell the occupancy status of the space from afar

Data secure use

Since the devices are directly connected to your calendar, we never see your appointment information

High-quality displays with warranty and maintenance

We’ll provide you with high-quality displays. We also take care that your devices work. 24/7 monitoring and remote control enables centralized updates and remote maintenance. Our warranty also covers device replacements.

  • 10-inch top quality touch screen
  • Suited for use 24/7
  • LED indicator shows the booking status
  • PoE support
  • The view of the screens can be customized according to your company look with logos and colors

Take advantage of our partner network and get solutions for all environments and needs

Is O365 not enough? We are an active part of the field of smart office service providers. Through us, you can get meeting room diplays solutions for other environments as well (Google GSuite) and as part of a separate digital signage solution, a complete AV delivery or a room booking system. For example, when inviting guests, the room reservation will update the information directly on the displays at the doors. Displays can also be used for desk bookings.

Feel free to ask how we can solve your needs!