Customer story: Kesko improved its space management with meeting room displays – and got benefits it didn’t even expect



When need and product meet in a fertile environment, the result can be more than the sum of its parts. This is the story of Kesko, meeting room displays, and the project that brought significant improvements to Kesko’s K-Kampus space management and customer experience.

Where it all began

The enthusiastic voice of Development Manager Kurt Konkola, the man responsible for Kesko’s AV and IT implementations, fills the room. We’re in a Teams meeting discussing the vibes of a successfully delivered project. Our Systam Rooms meeting room displays have been spinning their magic for a while now, enhancing the everyday life of Finland’s biggest commerce player’s headquarters, the K-Kampus.

Over a decade ago, Kesko pondered the need for meeting room displays. Investing in solutions for video conference nooks and their management proved to be a smart move. Especially during the pandemic. However, a solution from the first vendor started causing headaches and burdening the staff.

“Over half of our old devices didn't recover autonomously after a power outage. Remote updates were a no-go, and an expert had to rush in. Eventually, the vendor dropped support for the displays.“

Kurt Konkola

Senior Manager

Kesko decided to call for bids for a replacement solution. Simultaneously, we had a new product in our hands, the Systam Rooms meeting room displays for easy room management in the Microsoft Office 365 environment. In Konkola’s words during the competition, both cost perspective and comprehensive features were in our favor. Plus, a dash of courage.

“Systam was definitely the best in the competition phase. The right product at the right time.”

More reliability and superb features

From Kesko’s standpoint, Systam Rooms fulfilled all their requirements, and then some.

“There were affordable devices and comprehensive features. Things like automatic OTA updates and software adaptable for both vertical and horizontal use, which others didn’t have.”

During the device deployment and testing phase, there was also a pleasant surprise. The poor reliability that had irked Kesko with the old solution was nowhere to be found.

“The ground fault tests were solid. 100% of the devices came back online after a power outage. It was quite a feat. We were prepared for problems, but they didn’t happen.”

Customer as part of ongoing development

We sold our Rooms solution to Kesko in a pilot spirit, aiming to further develop the product with a customer-centric approach. Feedback and experiences from the customer have been crucial in refining the solution to be even better. No software or device is immune to bugs. Sometimes, our displays might have continued syncing or lights didn’t change to indicate bookings. However, shared values and an open partnership built on top of them are, according to Konkola, at the core of successful collaboration.

”I value open, honest, and direct conversations. Problems always arise, but what matters is how they’re handled.”

At its best, the customer injects a customer perspective into product development. Valuable ideas and wishes get a chance to evolve, resulting in an even better product for everyone involved.

“With Systam, we got a lot we didn’t even ask for. Through collaboration, we’ve gained benefits we didn’t anticipate and a desire to jointly develop the solution further.”

Future developments include versatile features for the management tool, like comprehensive instructions, advanced device and license management, and automatic error notifications. Anything that reduces unnecessary contact and increases visibility into display operations for the customer.

Small display – big value

The key value that Systam Rooms brings to Kesko is the smoother everyday operations of K-Kampus, such as seamless, efficient, and ”invisible” meeting practices. Just like when Konkola entered our interview.

“I had booked this room in the morning. And saw that there was a booking before me. Without the displays and systems, one would always have to hesitate, interrupt, and search for rooms. With meeting room displays, you can easily check the space’s status. And react to the upcoming, like leaving on time, for instance. The displays greatly enhance space management and customer experience. Big things on a small screen.”

I concluded the interview by asking what Konkola would say if a friend or colleague asked about us. Well, it’s actually only known when asked, but apparently, there would be plenty to say, because according to Konkola, it’s a fantastic product and a successful partnership. Thanks, Kurt, We think so too.

Get more out of your meeting and negotiation rooms and maximize a smooth working environment with our Systam Rooms solution.

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