GDPR compliance after 25th May 2018



GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will apply from 25 may 2018. It imposes obligations on all companies that control or process personal data. But what it means to us and you as our customers?

The upcoming regulation applies to all processing of personal data, therefore the information collected by our services is also covered by the regulation.

All services from Systam comply with the new regulation and guarantee our customers safe use.

We at Systam are considered as a data processor because we process personal data on behalf of you, our customer. You are considered a data controller because you’re collecting personal data for your company’s use,

Therefore all visitor data and all other information generated by using our services is property of You, our customer. The data is stored in a customer-specific database, so therefore You are obliged to provide proper processing and management of data, according to GDPR.

We are happy to support our customers in the requirements of the new regulation for our services. If you have any questions, please contact us +358 10 470 3600