Health and safety in visitor management



Systam Visit visitor management system can be used to promote the wellbeing of your staff and visitors in many ways during covid-19. 

When having visitors, do it safely! Managing visits is an important part of creating a safe work environment and minimizing the risk of infections. A smooth visitor flow with a fast sign-in means less crowding and avoiding lining up.

The basis is to plan the visits beforehand whenever possible and send an invitation. When using Systam Visit visitor management and its calendar integration, the visitor is added to the system and you will benefit from all its great features. Such as pre-arrival messages and a fast sign-in upon arrival. A planned visit also speeds up the encounter with your front desk staff and reduces the risk of infection.

Let’s look at all the other tools in our system to help you keep your workplace safe during COVID-19.

Visitor screening

To maintain a healthy environment for your visitors and staff, you may want to check that your visitors are safe to enter your premises, even before anyone comes on-site. There are several tools to distribute and gather essential information regarding your visiting policies.

1 Instructions in pre-arrival message

A pre-arrival message can contain instructions for your visitor before entering your premises.  For example, a reminder to only come when in perfect health or guidelines about your handshake and greeting policy.

2 Terms of visit

When a visitor arrives on site and signs in, you can have your visitors to approve your terms of visit. The acceptance will be saved and timestamped on the service.

3 Systam Pass induction service

A more advanced tool in creating questionnaires and allowing entry is the Systam Pass induction service. Pass can pass on broader terms and exams that a visitor must approve and complete – even before arrival. The Pass -link is attached to the pre-arrival message, but it is also possible to execute it on arrival at the self-service kiosk sign-in. Read more about digital inductions.

Touchless sign-in

Enabling touchless sign-in creates a smooth experience while giving your visitors peace of mind from needing to touch anything in your space. Have visitors use their mobile phone to sign-in. Touchless sign in can be done in two ways.

1 Mobile self-sign-in

You can provide a link in the pre-arrival message to your visitor, which allows them to sign-in on their own mobile phone upon arrival. 

2 QR code in the pre-arrival message

Providing a unique visitor QR code in the pre-arrival message minimizes the need for touch when signing in. You visitor simply needs to show the QR code to the self-service kiosk or your front desk staff.

Possible NDAs can also be accepted via visitors’ mobile phone during sign-in.

The host of the visit is always notified automatically when a visitor has signed in. Opt to send notifications to employees’ mobile phones via SMS. That way, they’ll get the message even if they aren’t at their desk.

Best practices for self-service kiosks

When self-service kiosk are to welcome for example drop-in visitors, there are several ways to make preventative measures to help reduce the risk of spreading germs.

1 Disinfecting the touchscreens

To be safe, it’s recommended to wipe down frequently touched surfaces regularly with an alcohol-based sanitizer.

2 Hand sanitizer

Our visitor management system can be connected to info screens with touchless hand sanitizer dispenser. When placed to the entry point of your premises or the self-service kiosk, the screen can display desired visit info or remind people to use the sanitizer before entering. 

3 Touch pens

Touching a screen with ones own finger, can give an uncomfortable feeling even if hygiene has been taken into account. Providing one-time-use pens for touchscreens is one option to make your visitors feel that they are cared for. Pens can be collected to a bin after use and disinfected before returning to use. Contact us if you are interested in using touch pens!

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