New! Info screens with automatic hand sanitizer dispenser to accompany your self service kiosks



Stop the spread of infections and protect your staff and visitors

Hand hygiene is one of the most effective ways to control a pandemic and THL recommends increasing disinfection points.

To accompany our self-service kiosks, it is now possible to order info screens with automated hand sanitizer provided by our partner FirstView. The screens are available in both wall and foot models.

How does the info screen with automatic hand sanitizer dispenser work?

  • The automatic dispenser dispenses the disinfectant without touching it by hand.
  • The screen responds to a visitor signing in with the Systam self-service kiosk and reminds of hand hygiene.
  • The screen is connected to the FirstView -system and the content is managed online.
  • Possibility of wider integration and functionality with Systam and FirstView solutions.


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