Results from our customer survey



In April 2019, we launched a customer survey that received a delightful active response and answers from at least 58 different organizations.

The respondents included actual users of our services in diverse roles such as main users, employees and reception staff. Listening to different user groups produced comprehensive results and helps us better address different needs and issues.

We were most praised for the ease of our service and for its support. We will continue to invest in trainings and customer communication.

Thank you for participating, it is good to carry on from here!

Great ratings for the service

We asked our customers to rate different aspects of our service in a scale from 1 to 10

Ease Of Purchase 8,7

Delivery and introduction 8,6

Koulutukset 8

Käytön helppous 8,5

Tukipalvelu 8,6

Systam Respa Vierailijahallinnan palvelut

83% kokee palvelun parantaneen vierailukokemusta yrityksessä/organisaatiossa

80% kokee palvelun lisänneen kiinteistön/yrityksen turvallisuutta

70% kokee palvelun tuoneen yritykselle/organisaatiolle säästöjä

Systam Pass Perehdyttämisen palvelut

100% kokee palvelun parantaneen yrityksen/organisaation brändiä ja imagoa

92% kokee palvelun lisänneen yrityksen/organisaation turvallisuutta

80% kokee palvelun tuoneen yritykselle/organisaatiolle säästöjä

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