Results of our customer survey



In March, it was once again time to gain valuable insight into our customers’ thoughts and experiences regarding our systems.

Our customer survey was conducted by sending out an electronic link to our customer contacts to share within their organisations. The respondents represented a good mix, from employees to lobby services.

We received 98 responses from 53 different organisations. Many thanks to all of the respondents for your valuable feedback!

Survey results

We asked our customers to evaluate the different aspects of our visitor management system on a scale of 1 to 10. This is how we did:

Ease of purchase 8,4
Delivery and deployment 8,5
Trainings and instructios 8,1
Ease of use 8,5
Support services 8,4
Customer communication 8,7

Ease of use and our customer communication received the highest ratings. Although communication was considered sufficient, a large number of respondents said they would appreciate even more information and guidance on the efficient use of the system. This and deployment training are areas in which we will build even better models and methods. The respondents also sought faster group sign-in – something in which we will also invest in the future.

Benefits of our systems at the forefront

Analysis of the responses to a set of claims revealed that the respondents had a very positive take on the benefits of our systems.

Systam Respa visitor management:

95% of respondents feel our system has improved the visitor experience in their company/organisation.
91% of respondents feel our system has made their facility/company safer.

Many benefits are seen to contribute to day-to-day work in a very concrete way and to facilitate the work of employees and lobby staff.

90% of staff members feel that our system saves them time.
All responding staff members feel our system has made it easier to invite guests.
All responding lobby employees feel our system makes their work easier.

Systam Pass inductions:

All respondents feel our system has had a positive impact on the brand and image of their company/organisation.
92% of respondents feel our system has made their facility/company safe.
89% of respondents feel our system has saved their company/organisation money.

And the work continues!

Want to talk more? Our sales is happy to help you regarding our services. For technical related issues, please contact our support. or +358 10 470 3600 or +358 10 470 3603