Still logging things on paper?



Three years ago, we voiced our concerns in an article about logging company visits on paper forms and notebooks. Time and living with covid-19 have done their part, and we are happy to say that more and more operators have transferred to using electronic visitor management. But not everyone. So here it is again, a reminder on why even a single visitor should no longer need to log their arrival on paper.

Here are some reminders on why it is high time for every company to implement an electronic visitor management system:

1. Appropriate data security and the GDPR

When information is collected on visitors, the Personal Data Act obligates the collector of information to ensure that the data of visitors is not altered or disclosed to any unauthorised parties. Paper archives are prone to accidents, and visitor logs in paper format that anyone has access to may result in information on other visitors being disclosed to unauthorised eyes. At worst, logs can disclose information on competitors that have visited on site previously.

For one, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which entered into force in the spring of 2018 stipulated more responsibilities regarding requests for information and the processing of data. The appropriate management of these obligations can only be ensured by using electronic storage of information

2. Improved safety and security for business premises and people

Electronic visitor management is the only method of monitoring who is able to access your premises and to know exactly who are present on site. In cases of emergency, it is crucial to know the exact number of people on the premises, their possible location and their personal information. Real-time and easily accessible attendance data can enhance safety, especially in situations requiring evacuation from the site.

3. Increased efficiency

Logging information by hand and searching for information from folders and books is very slow. Use of a cloud-based visitor management system is easy for both the visitor and the personnel, and the correct information is always available quickly and effortlessly. By making functions automatic, you will be able to free up hands for more important tasks. Making activities more efficient also often results in cost savings.

4. A better visitor experience

Customer experience is affected by many factors, but what is essential for your arriving visitor is the ease and smoothness of handling matters (and in our new normal, also the enhanced consideration for the safety and health of all). The automatic pre-arrival messages, arrival notifications and the possibility for quick self-registration enabled by the electronic visitor management system ensure visitors a smooth arrival and a positive visitor experience.

The era of notebooks is over for good! Contact us; let’s find a comprehensive solution for your visitor management needs: or +358 10 470 3601