Systam and year 2020



Thank you to our customers, cooperation partners and everyone for an exceptional year!

Although the year slowed down visits and has taken us apart physically, it has created a need to manage the necessary encounters in an even safer and more traceable manner.

Year 2020 and its changes provided our expanding team an opportunity to focus on both internal and external development work. We implemented, for example, touchless functions, COVID-19 questionnaires and a connection to an automatic hand-sanitizer info display in our Systam Visit Visitor Management system. Also the significance of our Systam Pass service increased, as the need for hygienic inductions without personal contact has grown.

The needs and possibilities of smart office environments are a focus point also in the starting new year 2021. We wish that we all have a successful and safe new year ahead of us – also face-to-face at some point.

Our support and sales serve Christmas time on weekdays without interruption.

So, we are extending a warm welcome to 2021! 

Team Systam