Systam in KONE Partner Ecosystem



The KONE partner ecosystem is a network of innovative solution providers with a common goal – to ensure smooth people flow and the best possible user experience in and in between buildings.

Systam is working together with KONE to help you make a first impression that lasts by providing a smooth visitor experience without compromising security.

We are super excited to announce our partnership with KONE corporation!

Newly launched Kone DX class is the world’s 1st digitally-connected elevator series. We are a part of KONE Partner Ecosystem in creating new services for a next level people flow experience.

“Every KONE DX Class elevator provides secure APIs for third-party solutions, which create new and exciting services. KONE is also announcing agreements with a number of companies.”

KONE – An ecosystem of opportunities
KONE Press release 29.11.2019