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Promeco adopted uniform visiting practices and safety inductions in all its offices in Finland and Poland. Now Systam Visit and Pass enable not only secure data management and authentication in the entire Group, but also an excellent visitor experience to support the company’s brand.


Units, three in Finland and one in Poland

Uniform visiting practices throughout the Group

Verified safety inductions already before visits

Integration with internal info displays which show the details of the visits

Doing away with paper

Promeco became aware of the fact that they did not have readily available digital information on the people who visit their units. There were also no consistent guidelines on inviting visitors and providing instructions for their arrival. On occasion, this may have caused confusion in visits to two different units in the same city. The signing in of arriving visitors was handled on paper, which left no digital records of visitor data or safety instructions acknowledged by the visitors.

Promeco took on the goal of improving the security of both people and information, and of making the arrival of visitors in the units as smooth and pleasant as possible, all in line with their brand.

Toward safer and smoother visits

The solution chosen for the comprehensive management of visits was our Systam Visit, which was interfaced with induction to the safety instructions using the Systam Pass tool. The automatic and safe storing of digital visitor information and the enabling of independent operation on the self-service kiosks has not only increased safety and released some of the resources of the front desk personnel, but it has also brought along significant benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In the autumn of 2019, we did not yet know how the world would be changing and the scope in which the numbers of visitors would be decreasing. With Systam’s assistance, our guests visiting during the coronavirus pandemic are welcomed in a safe and proper manner, even when our front desk personnel are working remotely. Safety instructions also reach our visitors long before they enter our premises. Not to mention electronic traceability, which is truly a marvelous feature in these times.“

Satu Nieminen

Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Promeco Group Oy

Inviting a visitor is easy using the employees’ personal calendars, and the visitor will also receive detailed instructions for arrival on the basis of the selected visit location.

“Our experts are mobile and receive visitors in other units in addition to their home region. Systam Visit relays unit-specific pre-arrival messages and instructions for arrival to assist our personnel and to guarantee correct and detailed instructions for our visitors.”

The message announcing the arrival of a visitor has also been regarded as an excellent feature at Promeco. The message enables a prepared response to be sent to the visitor – a nice way to inform the visitor that their arrival has been noticed. The visitor’s photograph appended to the message is a great help for the host in identifying their visitor in the lobby.

The organisation has also been very pleased about the integration where the visit information is transferred to the units’s info displays. This allows the company to maintain up-to-date internal information on the visitors who are on the property.

Uniform practices throughout the Group

Systam’s services were implemented simultaneously in all the European units of the organisation, which has been considered a great benefit with regard to both practical operations as well as corporate image.

“When the service is identical in all our units, I am able to provide support for the users in all our offices and retrieve data on all visits in the Group. The same practices and appearance also make the visit experience uniform globally as well as an identifiable part of the corporate brand.”

Active cooperation between Systam and Promeco in the implementation phase and in organising the trainings have been key factors in making the mobilisation of the new system a success. The activities were carefully planned in advance and the training sessions engaged staff from the front desk and other areas alike.

“Taking the system into use was easy, because we had provided Systam our material in advance. Our logos were in place and everything was set up right from the first day of implementation. And although there was no Systam personnel on site in Poland at the time, things went smoothly and we basically just had to plug in the system and attach the cables.”

Systam as a partner

The topmost experience for Promeco has been the effortless cooperation with Systam. Cooperation has been easy, the provided support services have functioned well and Systam has also earned a lot of praise for the management of the customer relationship.

“I have personally been very satisfied with the fast response time whenever I’ve had any questions! Proactive communications, for example, in the form of tips has also enabled us to utilise the system more efficiently.”

Promeco Group Oy is a globally operating solution provider in electromechanical systems and services. Our services cover the entire planning and production chain from product development to manufacturing and life cycle services. Promeco provides cost-efficient, high-quality solutions representing state-of-the-art technology for customers in the marine and energy industries, the railway industry as well as the manufacturing industry.


Our solutions for Promeco

Systam Visit Visitor Management
  • Web service for the management and monitoring of visitor traffic.
  • Pre-arrival messages for the visitors and fast sign-in using a QR code.
  • Systam Lite self-service kiosk with a personalised corporate appearance and a separate visitor card printer.
  • Automatic notifications for both the visitor and the host.
  • Calendar integration for easy adding of a visit using a personal Outlook invitation.
  • Info display integration where the details of a visit are transferred to internal info displays.
Systam Pass Digital Inductions
  • Safety induction integrated with Systam Visit provides a way to ensure that induction training is successfully completed before visitor sign-in.
  • Online service for creating induction content and monitoring induction performance.
  • Contents can be freely created and modified by the customer using a simple editor.

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