Version 0.32.38+223

Systam Rooms

Published 19.4.2024

Updates in services

New features and improvements

  • New feature: Energy saver! You can now set your displays to go into energy-saving mode outside working hours, saving up to 50% of energy during quiet times. Activate the feature and set your working times in your Systam One Dashboard. See instructions here.
  • Philips’ displays’ have also their own power-saving mode that has caused grey hairs for us and the functionality of the Rooms application. If you have configured the displays to use their own power-saving mode, don’t worry. From now on when a device wakes up from power-saving mode, it connects correctly and reliably to Systam’s services. But we still recommend using our energy saver feature (‘cos it’s way better).
  • We have adjusted the button for confirming a booking from the displays. It previously said “Start booking” but we changed it to “Confirm booking”. Makes sense, right? The requirement to confirm a booking is an optional feature that can be turned on for individual displays from the Systam One Dashboard.
  • And since we’re talking about the Dashboard, we revised the settings menu! We weren’t really happy with the usability of our product settings, so we gathered them all into one place in the main menu and gave them a facelift. Go check it out!