Covid-19 reduced visits



In recent weeks, the covid-19 pandemic has reached Finland and we have been on the edge of new ways of living. At Systam, we started working from home like so many others, grateful for the people in critical work.

Of course, the number of visits to companies has now decreased or stopped altogether. The number of visitors to our customers has fallen by 93% from the January benchmark. The regulations and restrictions provided are necessary and we fully support our clients in complying with them.

For us, whose business is at the heart of visitor management, the situation presents challenges but also opportunities. So now is not the time to throw the towel in the ring, but to develop better practices for managing visits in the future.

How our services currently take into account possible visits and their practices:

  • Additional instructions, such as a ban on handshake or other instructions for arrival or hygiene, may be added to the pre-arrival message of invited guests.
  • The Systam Pass service with visitor management can provide the broader terms and exams that a visitor must approve and perform before arrival.
  • The pre-arrival message QR code allows you to sign in without touching the self-service kiosk.
  • Invited visitors may also be allowed to register directly from the pre-arrival message.
  • Self-service kioks can also be disabled for the time being in occupied lobbies, and sign in can be handled by the front desk staff without the need for contact.