Digital inductions create ease of operation as well as peace of mind from day care centres to construction sites



The need has increased for verified inductions and training performed via remote connections, independently at the workplace or on site at the hosting location. Digital induction services enable pre-prepared content, completion from any location at any time, as well as reliable documentation of completed inductions.

A temporary daycare worker who needs to be provided with induction training and instructions in a compact form. A construction site visitor who is required to accept applicable safety instructions. An important bulletin that all employees should (really) read. What all these situations have in common is that there is a need to pass on essential information to the right people.

We are living in a time of information overload, and it has made it more challenging to deliver the right information to the right people in a verified manner. People are mobile and work remotely, so there is an increasing demand for versatile and agile operating methods. We are in need of easy ways to provide training, guidance and bulletins, so that they reach the right people at any location at any time – and also leave a trace when completed.

Is it time to transfer to using modern, digital inductions?

Reasons for digital induction

1. Versatile content, provided in an easy way

Digital content allows versatile presentation methods from images to text and videos. With all your material located in one place, updates are easy.

2. Standardised quality

When the content and method of completion of inductions has been standardised, the quality of the service cannot be affected by fluctuations in the materials or the person providing the induction training.

3. Documented performance and testing of inductions

When the person performing the induction is required to actively acknowledge that they have read and accepted the content, it provides a way to verify that the relevant information has reached its intended reader. A step further in this verification is to present a short test where a few questions are asked to make sure that the person has familiarised themselves with the required information.

4. Regardless of time or place – or device

A well-implemented digital service allows for inductions to be performed at home, at the workplace or anywhere. Content can be read on a phone, laptop or tablet.

5. Peace of mind as well as efficiency

A structured process, pre-prepared content, automated functions and verified completion not only save valuable time, but will also bring peace of mind and increase safety for all concerned.

Examples of applications for use

Induction and onboarding for new employees

An onboarding process with comprehensive induction to work tasks in a standardised form will provide a good starting point and the prerequisites for starting in a new position. Prepared materials which are automatically sent make the process easier and require less managerial work.

Providing instructions to temporary workers

In urgent situations, a pre-prepared induction can be offered without delay to save time and effort for permanent staff. A test can be used for ensuring that the temporary worker has familiarised all critical instructions and practices before starting their work.

Safety inductions for construction sites

Safety instructions and other guidelines can be read through either before arrival or on site using a terminal. By requiring the person to acknowledge the safety instructions in a documented manner, information on safety and responsibilities are conveyed to all parties.

Company visitors

Companies and properties can integrate surveys and inductions into their visitor management processes, which will allow for an automatic and verified manner in receiving visitors and providing inductions.

Internal communications

The distribution of important information via a separate system draws attention to the matter, and requiring the person to acknowledge the receipt of information will ensure that employees have understood the provided information.

Systam Pass for easy, digital and verifiable inductions

Systam Pass is a documented online service for verified induction training. It can be used for sending invitations, taking care of training and documenting the completed inductions regardless of device, time or place.

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