Say hello, new logo



Today, we unveiled our fresh new logo and spruced up our look for our Systam Visit visitor management service as well. These changes are all part of our journey into new and exciting things.

We liked our old logo. It had been with us since 2015. It replaced the first Systam logo for reasons we can’t quite remember anymore. Maybe it was a whim, maybe the result of deep consideration. But it worked out well. The latest version stuck with us through several rebrandings. There was something about it.


This time, however, the reasons for the change are clear. We’re evolving, and we want our logo to evolve right along with us.

Our new logo is more sophisticated. It’s contemporary but still carries the original spirit. It provides a solid foundation upon which we can build our future, enabling evolution and daring ideas. It can tell our story about how our comprehensive solutions come together from different parts to create one beautiful whole. It allows for some fun (because a logo shouldn’t be too serious).

Exciting things are on the horizon. But what exactly they are, well, that remains to be seen – even in our logo.

TL;DR:  We updated our logo.

With regards, Team Systam

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