Systam is working together with KONE and is introducing new features



Although human contact is currently limited, systems and companies can still be close together – such as Systam and KONE. New features are coming, making people flow seamless and safer.

Would you like to offer your visitors the most convenient way to arrive and move through your building? Our visitor management system can now connect with KONE solutions and KONE elevators.

Automatic elevator call after visitor sign in? Check!  Our solutions make it possible to guide your visitors easily to the right floor and place. Visitor card QR-code r a mobile phone can also be used as an access pass getting through needed gates and doors. Smoothly and safely.

It all goes down to APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). We use KONE’s APIs to integrate with their equipment. APIs allow secure interactions between digital applications or systems so they can work together.

Being a part of KONE Partner Ecosystem is about innovating.  And for us it means working to create the best possible visitor experience, together. Stay tuned for more features and possibilities to take your visitor management to the next level.

Contact our sales, we’re happy to tell you more! or +358 10 470 3600