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Does your company host visitors? Visitor badges are an easy way for personnel to identify visitors, but they shouldn’t be just a piece of paper. Combined with a comprehensive visitor management system, visitor cards will have a significant impact both on your organization’s safety as well as the visitor experience of your guests.

For every organization, large or small, it is important to know and manage the people moving about on their premises. The responsibility for the safety of both visitors and staff, as well as the security of facilities and data, is the reason why every organization should be using an electronic visitor management system. Visitor cards are a visible and important element of this system.

What makes a good visitor card?

Have you at some point written your information in a guest book and received a piece of paper that only had the word “Visitor” on it? These old-fashioned visitor cards are a thing of the past; and for good reason.

A good visitor card includes, at minimum, the visitor’s first and last name, the company’s name and logo, the host’s name, and the date and time of the visit. Other possible information include a photo, Wi-Fi codes, a QR code for signing in and out and receiving access rights, as well as other additional information on the visit.

With a modern visitor management service, you have the option to gather all the data you need on your visitor using a simple and reliable digital process. Invited visitors can fill out their information in advance to make their sign-in quick when arriving on site. Drop-in visitors can be directed to provide their information at a self-service kiosk or at the front desk.

When the sign-in is finalized, an individual visitor card is printed out for your visitor. The card includes all required information, and you can be certain that the information is stored in a data-secure manner.

Benefits of the visitor card

The most obvious reason for using visitor cards is the security they bring. They are a simple way of identifying any external people walking about in the facility, especially if your personnel carry their own personnel badges. A person without a card is then easy to detect.

Unique visitor cards also ensure that the information of all people entering the facility have been electronically stored in the system. Digitally saved data is the key to easy accessibility of the data. And also to statistics that provide an insight into when visitors visit your property and the number and type of visitors you have. This enables, for example, the management of security procedures.

The QR code printed on the visitor card can also support the access management of visitors. By allowing access through gates and doors only by showing the QR code, you can maintain an efficient way of keeping unwanted visitors out of selected areas.

Visitor cards are also a part of the visitor experience you provide your guests. The cards can be used for reinforcing the brand and a good first impression. They also convey your visitors the message that you are prioritizing the safety of your organization and your visitors.

We can offer you visitor cards and so much more

Systam Visit Visitor Management is a service that not only prints the visitor cards but also records comprehensive information on the visits and visitors, taking into account data security and GDPR statutes. As well as enables access control management of visitor traffic within a facility in a variety of ways. The service also has many integration possibilities like safety and other digital inductions, parking and parking enforcement, desk and room bookings. Systam Visit adapts to receiving occasional guests as well as thousands of daily visitors; either as self-service or with assistance provided by the front-desk personnel.

And what about the final touch? The look and feel of your visitor card is not irrelevant. We offer many different visitor card models and materials; from reusable plastic badges to labels printed on adhesive paper. The cards can be branded in line with your company image. And for ensuring visibility of the card on the visitor, you have a selection of plastic card sleeves or visitor passes with lanyards to choose from.

So take it easy and let us help – as a full-service partner.

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