Visitor management and workplace safety – insights for 2021



We gathered our thoughts of what 2021 will bring in the field of business and visitor management. And here’s what our crystal ball is telling us.

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our world, our ways of working and perceptions of work environments. The change took place at an unprecedented rate and forced us all to adapt and develop new operating models; just to survive. The vaccinations that have now started allow us to see some light at the end of the tunnel, but since there is no possibility to fully return to the pre-pandemic time, many changes are here to stay and they have also started a development that we will continue to witness this year. Here are our insights of what 2021 will bring in the field of business and visitor management.

1. New technologies, streamlined

For companies to be able to operate in this changed time, effective use of the right technologies is needed in all sectors. New requirements and the solutions developed for them cannot become a drag or a burden on businesses, so it is essential to develop seamless entities and cooperation across sectors. Visitor management in companies will be increasingly integrated into the rest of the property’s automation. Various inductions, trainings and surveys will also operate fully electronically as part of the flow of people.

2. Making face-to-face meetings matter

Agility and flexibility of work will be the new norm, as work is no longer always tied to a physical space. Offices and workspaces are changing shape and are providing more alternative ways of working and social experiences for those who come to the office from home. Virtual meetings and remote work are here to stay. However, face-to-face encounters will not disappear, but their meaning will change. The number of physical visitors being welcomed in companies may decrease, but the value and efficiency of visits will increase. Therefore, investing in the best possible visitor experience will be a key point.

3. People first

COVID-19 raised the need to take the health and safety of both visitors and employees to a new level. This need has been met in the visitor management field by developing smoother visitor flow and guidance and screening for visitors, for example, by setting conditions for visits. In addition to physical health, the pandemic has also raised awareness of people’s overall well-being, mental health and work motivation. It has prompted companies to take these issues into account, and their importance will continue to increase for all parties.

4. Touchless technology and a smoother flow

People do not want to touch anything anymore, and this feeling will continue to haunt us for a long time. On the other hand, it has also accelerated the streamlining of many functions. While the importance of physical contact will return, minimising unnecessary contact will be a focus everywhere and the flow of people from one space to another will be made even smoother. Visitors can already use touchless sign-in, for example, by using their mobile devices, and automatic elevator calls complete the good flow where visitors can be guided effortlessly as a comprehensive experience all the way from home to the correct floor and room on your premises, smoothly and safely. Inductions, trainings and surveys related to visitors or to the work of your staff are also implemented increasingly more often using electronic options which can be utilised regardless of time and place.

5. Data privacy

There is now more and more pressure on companies to keep a more accurate record of people moving in and out their premises. This also applies to a company’s mobile staff. The increasing amount of information, and in particular sensitive information related to COVID-19, places demands on even stricter compliance with data protection and data privacy. The situation raises questions on the balance of public health and safety and personal data protection, and we will certainly continue to juggle with finding a balance in these issues also this year.

Last year taught us that even the best predictions are just that; predictions. However, we are ready and hopeful to face the year ahead and we will continue to develop even better solutions for managing business visits and the flow of people safely and effectively while providing the best possible visitor experience.

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