We joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program



Great news! We are an official Google Cloud Build partner in Google Cloud’s Partner Advantage program. The partnership will support our ways of working as well as our goals in producing secure, efficient and carbon-neutral cloud-native services. For our customers, the partnership is seen as an even more agile and versatile service.

Google’s open, intelligent, sustainable, and reliable cloud platform offers unlimited opportunities for the innovative development of our own operations as well as the business of our customers. Cloud services that promote sustainable development are at the core of everything we do. Joining the Partner Advantage program is a significant milestone that demonstrates our commitment to the ever-evolving Google Cloud ecosystem.

With the partnership, we support our own ways of working as well as our goals in moving to fully cloud-native operations.

For our customers, this means even more agile and faster service production, which also offers better conditions for the development of more individual features.

“Our promise of modern integrated services, now and in the future, requires technical pioneering. The Google Cloud Partner Advantage program is a big step that supports even faster and more agile development for our customers' needs. Growing into a truly cloud-native company has required – and requires – countless hours of learning, research and a big financial investment. But it gives even more. With cloud nativeness, we support things that are vital to us, such as high data security and data protection, while sticking to our core values. For example, data storage and processing, even for our cloud-native services, is still in Finland."<br /> <br /> “

Anssi Tamminen

CEO Systam Oy

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