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Systam Visit visitor management service, which has been in operation since 2007, made it easy for Fastems to receive visitors and manage data. So easy, that satisfied visitors keep asking about the system; where they can get one?


Locations, one in Finland and one in Issum Germany

Fully automated visitor management

Automatic notifications for the visitor and host

Acceptance of safety instructions during sign-in

Visitor management connected to CRM

The amount of visitors at Fastems does not require permanent lobby staff, which is why the Systam Visit self-service kiosk was a great solution for easy and secure visitor management. The solution used in Tampere and Germany Issum’s offices provides visitors with easy arrival and easy-to-manage visit information for staff.

“At Fastems, Systam Visit is a very useful and widely used system.“

Janne Kivinen

Chief Information Officer, Fastems Oy Ab

The service was connected to Fastems’ customer relationship management system (CRM), which means that the new visit appointment is automatically transferred from the CRM system to the Systam Visit service. Staff also have the opportunity to use the web service to report visit data in advance and to track visit data. When there is a trace of visits, it raises awareness as well as security.

Know who you are meeting

A pleasant arrival is important for the first impression of visitors and can be influenced by a smooth reception. Indeed, a clear and simple process has been perceived by Fastems as one of the biggest benefits. With Visit, Fastems knows who has arrived at the house and guests can be picked up smoothly from the lobby without waiting.

“The system notifies you in real time when a guest arrives at our premises. The arrival notification is accompanied by a picture of the guest, which makes it easier to identify the guest in the reception hall.”

Fastems often receives foreign visitors. Versatile language selections and voice instructions also help them use the system with their clear messages. During check-in, guests are also informed about safety instructions, which is especially important when visiting the production facilities. A pictorial visitor card printed by the self-service terminal completes arrival and separates visitors from their own staff.

At Fastems, Systam Visit is perceived as an easy and effortless system. The support needs that have arisen have been resolved quickly by Systam. Fastems has a strong intention to continue to rely on the Visit service and to take advantage of its renewed features and capabilities.

Fastems is the world’s leading manufacturer of flexible manufacturing systems. The Fastems Group employs approximately 400 people worldwide. The company is known for its productivity-enhancing factory automation systems. The core functions are the delivery of flexible manufacturing systems (FMS), robot-based automation solutions and related services to the engineering industry.


Our solutions at Fastems

Systam Visit Visitor Management
  • An online service for the management and monitoring of visitor traffic.
  • Pre-arrival messages for the visitors and fast sign-in using a QR code.
  • Systam Prestige self-service kiosk with with a personalised corporate appearance and an integrated visitor card printer.
  • Automatic notifications for both the visitor and the host.
  • Calendar integration for easy adding of a visit using a personal Outlook invitation.
  • Connected to a CRM system

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