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Municipality of Lempäälä

The Lempäälä House, completed in 2020, invites residents to enjoy events and utilize the range of services provided in the building. Our Systam Visit solution provides smooth sign-in for those visiting the municipal service corridor housed in the building, while also making it easier for the staff to manage visits in their daily work.

Fully automated visitor management

Self-service sign-in and an automatic notification sent to the host

Easy notification of scheduled visits via a room-booking system integration

Smooth and pleasant customer experience

Smooth customer service at Lempäälä House

Lempäälä House opened in 2020 and is located in the urban heart of the growing and evolving municipality of Lempäälä. It houses a modern hub of diverse municipal services. The house has a service corridor where professional staff provide services offered both by the municipality and the state. However, the new operational models created for the building posed challenges related to the way in which the staff is informed that customers have arrived in the lobby.

The municipality of Lempäälä felt that the most functional solution for them would be our Systam Visit service. The cooperation was kicked off by determining the functions and devices that correspond with the needs. The service corridor now has a self-service kiosk placed in the entrance lobby for receiving visitors and providing guidance for signing in. The solution also notifies the staff of the arrival of their customers and provides a safe and comprehensive storage of information.

“The greatest benefit for us is that the customers can now announce their arrival to the staff in a safe and independent manner. The notification of a customer’s arrival, both by text message and email, to the host is also an excellent function for our purposes.“

Emmi Ikonen

Service Coordinator, Municipality of Lempäälä

Visitor management at Lempäälä House is connected to a separate room booking system which ensures that scheduled appointments are also transmitted to the Systam Visit system in connection with the room booking. This ensures that a day before their visit, the visitors receive an automatic pre-arrival message containing instructions for arrival and a QR code enabling quick sign-in.

Systam as a partner

As a partner, the people in Lempäälä remember us as a friendly service-provider who has offered them a good start into the implementation of services and has lived up to the expectations for continuous cooperation by being there when needed and providing help with any questions that have come up.

“Delivery was carried out according to schedule and we were provided training for the commissioning of the solution. The solution itself is very easy to use, for both the customer as well as the admin user. If there are any questions, we usually receive answers very quickly.”

Lempäälä is a municipality with 24,000 residents. The local authority corporation employs approximately 1,400 people. According to a survey on the vitality of the municipality, the vitality rate of Lempäälä is among the best in the Tampere region. We strive for a vital and evolving municipality by actively cooperating with companies and communities. Lempäälä is one of Finland’s most central locations to live and do business. It is a unique mixture of an evolving and modern living environment and picturesque countryside with its lakes and recreational areas.


Our solutions at Lempäälä House

Systam Visit Visitor Management

  • Notification of scheduled visits when making room bookings.
  • A versatile view for online tool and reports.
  • Pre-arrival messages and fast sign-in with a QR code for visitors.
  • Systam X self-service kiosk with an integrated QR code reader and visitor card printer.
  • Automatic notifications for both the visitor and the host.

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